DEP-ANON: A 12 Step recovery program for families and friends of the depressed. DEP-ANON, a new publication from Depressed Anonymous Publications, is available to serve as a support guide for family members and friends who have a loved one who is depressed. Here you will learn how various symptoms of depression can overtake the mind, body, and feelings of the depressed. The chapter, what is Depression? Provides examples of behaviors demonstrating how negative symptoms can immobilize and change a person, You will join with other families who no longer feel alone, using the recovery tools of DEP-ANON. You can learn how the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps, applied to one's own situation, will accompany you through every chapter of this new work. Every chapter has a commentary on each of the Steps. Discussion questions are available after each chapter. A new feeling of hope begins to take hold as you participate in DEP-ANON meetings. You will learn from other DEP-ANON family members how to begin to take care of yourself. Your focus begins with yourself and not the depressed family member. You will find that you can only change yourself. "To thine own self, first be true."
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