Depressed Anonymous Workbook E-Book: The

This Version of Depressed Anonymous Workboom is in E-BOOK (DIGITAL) Format ready to buy and download to your computer and you can print just the pages you want or the whole book. ***Once you pay for and Download the E-Book there will be no refunds***. ****If you are downloading this e-book to your iPhone or iPad. What you do is open the email on your iPhone or iPad then tap the file and open it, then tap the arrow in the upper right corner of the message and the tap Open in iBook wait until it shows up there. That's it, it should be on your device.***** Anyone wanting to bear down on their depression and find a way out of the darkness--this DA Workbook turns a light on for that person willing to work! This Workbook serves as an important companion volume to the "Big Book" of the fellowship, namely DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS. The Workbook provides an in-depth approach to working each of the 12 steps--one at a time. This Workbook, besides being an individual project is also used in group discussions. Each quote in the Workbook is referenced to a source in the "Big Book."
Depressed Anonymous Workbook E-Book: The
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